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Good afternoon Stevo. Bright blessings to you.

Sam, great posts.

Stevo. I am a lifelong alcoholic. Because of that dsyfunction i have had every intervention and subsequently gone onto to work with those of my kind. Addicts.

There is an air of piasy that i think effects a response. I have never met an addict of any sort that wanted to be one. I have never met an addict that can control it. I have met all of the above and they are no longer with us.

Sooo, the debate is.....are there drugs that can control addicts? Those that can make you physically ill, or inhibitors, i am afraid likie it or not, those are your options.

Yes there are.

On 1 hand you'll have those taking pills that might very well kill you if you "turn left into the pub", and other pills that if you do, are supposed to "deflect" the enjoyment. Trust me, you do want Tryns post around that.

Look. Remember back in the day folk that took drugs were called "wasted", well that is what we know it to be. The reason alcohol hurts us so very much is not just what we behave like to those we care about, but it denys the life that can be had without alcohol. Alcohol is just the very same. Each drink for us, is a waste of us and what and who we are and what we could be.

Stevo, essentially you are looking for another drug to stop another drug you take being too destructive?

I will talk to you all day around chemical interventions and whatnot, but if i drink, the pills just change colour.

Strength and loveness to you Stevo.
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