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Stevo, I really wish you the best. We all have different ways & I hope yours works for you.

I have knowledge on Baclcofen.

This is not a A.A. link. I do not want to promote A.A. I try to just pass on a simple message. For me I can't drink alcohol. I did that for 42 years until I was 2 & 1/2 months shy of 61. I always put my wants 1st. My way or the highway. Three divorces, fired from my career job & all I ended up to be was a bitter man.

I can tell that you have been in A.A. It is not working for you. AA. is a program I use with other things to stay sober. I have a real problem with god as being a higher power. I do not let that thinking of mine get in the way of working my program to the best of my ability.

I only come in here to keep my mind focused on what I have to do to stay sober. I pass on what has worked for me.

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