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Yesterday his ex-girlfriend texted me to see how I was doing, she asked if he had apologized to me yet. That has not happened, and I am doubtful that it will. Evidently he was fired from his professional job on Monday. This was a job that he worked very hard to get, was very excited about - good benefits, decent pay, good hours. His ex-girlfriend picked him up at a bar that evening.

He spoke to our sister on the phone yesterday. He will not speak to me, because I tell the truth and he doesn't want to hear that. Of course he took zero accountability for being fired on Monday. It was "their" fault. The relationship end was "my" fault. He denied being intoxicated at work on Monday, but I have my doubts. They would not let him drive his car when he got fired. That tells me right there that he was probably drunk at work. I guess he couldn't go and get his car until the next day. So he (I guess) walked straight to a bar.

Drinking alcohol after having a liver transplant (as a result of alcoholic cirrhosis) is like playing russian roulette. His 'new' liver could reject at any given moment. The anti-rejection meds that he takes are prescribed exactly as his body needs, and the alcohol could dilute them or make them ineffective. None of this matters to him. He reports that everything is "fine" and that he is having a mid-life crisis. He is 46. I am so terribly worried about his mental state and he doesn't have anything else to do now but sit in his apartment alone and drink. Which he does. I pray that he does not drive his car and get arrested (again) for drunk driving. Or worse, hitting or killing someone.

I just pray for him. I cannot make him sober and I will NOT enable him. I still have to take care of myself and my 3 boys. They know exactly what is going on with their uncle and it actually serves as a good lesson for them. So very sad. Please continue to pray for my family - especially my brother as he is very, very sick. Thanks, Jenm
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