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Hi jolter, you're correct, with the halflife of around 37 hours, that would be like jumping from .5mg. and you'd have nothing to help you with your pain at that point. I have heard of doing that 2mg last dose before and it has worked for some people. Like anything else, there's no cut and dry answer because everyone is so different.

You asked: "Would it be a recipe for disaster if I started taking 1 10mg oxy every 8hrs until surgery?" Only you can answer that question. Would you be able to stick with that or would you find yourself taking more and more? There are people here who were prescribed full agonists prior to surgery so that the bupe would be out of their systems. So it's not unheard of. If you had someone to hold the oxy so you weren't tempted to take more would be the best scenario. But it really comes down to how you feel you could handle it.

Hope that's somewhat helpful anyways.

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