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You know, eastaries, you bring up an interesting point. Although I am stable and happy with my treatment, I have been lied to along the way by one doctor in particular and a couple of pharmacies. The important thing is to not let it be an excuse to use again. My first sub doctor told me that he only uses suboxone because its not addictive and subutex is. Love that one. And also that the DEA had been cracking down on all the sub doctors and that was the reason I had to take ua's twice a week..would it have been so hard to just say I don't trust you because I barely know you so I want you to take ua's for awhile? Also that doses higher than 4mgs a day have a higher relapse rate so he wouldn't raise my dose even though I was still in wds all the time 4 months into treatment (I still don't know why he only prescribes those low doses...wonder what his patients' relapse rate is?) He would not switch me off suboxone even though under my tongue was completely raw and my tongue was swollen and cheeks so swollen my eyes were half shut. And my throat was always sore and swollen as well. As soon as I switched doctors (which I only did because of the driving distance I didn't know any better about treatment I had not found this site yet) he said I was allergic to suboxone and put me on subutex tablets, 8 then 12 and now 16mgs a day which is making my recovery a whole different level of successful. In the past I have also been lied to by pharmacies...when there was a huge price increase Walgreens wouldn't admit that THEY had raised the price, said they switched manufacturers (it was the same as the previous 2 months) I think thats just their stock answer to anyone who questions a price so they sound like they're real knowledgeable. Also one time I wanted to pick up my prescription like 2 days before I was due to and they were really busy I could tell they were just looking for an excuse so they said my insurance requires pre-authorization. I told them I already had that and told them they could call the ins co and they said they don't do that. I said CALL INSURANCE COMPANIES?? You don't do THAT? She said no, we don't. I said well could I just pay for 4 days worth so I have time to straighten this out? She looked and said I can't fill this anyway the law says I can't fill it until the day you start...Long story short, I called the manager the next day and it didn't go thru the insurance because they entered it as SUBOXONE which I had told them I was allergic to. I told him that I knew when I walked in they were looking for an excuse to not fill it so they could have saved me 45 minutes of waiting around to find out they weren't going to do it anyway and just told me up front. He apologized, but I switched pharmacies anyway and now am dealing with a mom and pop instead of a corporation. Simpler. And there's no law that says you can't get it filled until the day of. It's pharmacist discretion to a certain point and if insurance pays it then it shouldn't be a problem. I told Walgreen's I'm trying so hard to do the right thing I just don't need the aggravation. I'm really strong in my desire to stay in recovery but if I was already on a thin rope I could have just said screw it. My own personal experience is adversarial with pharmacies/doctors anyway - just trying to stay a step ahead of the withdrawal monster all the years I was on the pain management treadmill. I was never happy with my medical treatment or my pharmaceuticals. I didn't realize til I jumped into sobriety that it was just as much my problem as it was theirs. Probably more mine. My pharmacist now goes out of his way to encourage me and help me stay on the right track. He even says congratulations when I bring my script in. Just needed to get that off my chest. I wish you all the best also
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