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Sorry but I saw way too much in my life with this med. to be naive, My mother at one point was a counselor, and she even says her and her colleagues would discuss this all the time. I was never the average Junkie, I always had nice cars cloths clean and shaved tanned up showered every day brushed my teeth, and with my gene for bad enamel, the med ate up my teeth.

Just because some one hasnt scientifically proved it doesnt mean a thing, they laughed at Columbus when he said the world was round, was he wrong????

Lets say a doctor finally comes out of the closet with the TRUTH, then what millions of lawsuits, the GOVERMENT would NEVER let it happen, Do you not remember JFK or MArtin Luther King, if your a threat to their system you will either be silenced or disappear, dont be NAIVE>....
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