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Hey sorry i haven't been around Just got a co on one of my buildings and having trouble renting them out.

Ok so back to the sleep lab i went for my second night i was fitted for a mask and presure i need all work out well now i get to look like an alien whi i sleep but hey i would rather look like that. The night that i went with mask to the sleep therapy was amazing the next day i was so awake and awear it was amazing my maine problem with my sleep aptneer ( I have no idea how to spell it) is memory loss i can't rember conversations and situations and even whole days its crazy. They also belive that why i had the car acident. I go thursday for my machine they are so expensive i have to have 300 thursday and then 40 a month till its paid off something like a year. Crazy but its either that or end up in another car acedent and this time not be so lucky.

Tom you should talk to your doctor about going for a sleep study. There was a women there the night of my second and she had almost the same side effects that you are mentioning.
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