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Originally Posted by Miarich View Post
I have had drinking problems for many years. I want so bad to stop, but just can't take that first step: STOP. how do you do that as drinking has been a large part of me and how I handle things, pain and worry go away when drinking. How do I stop for at least a day? Help.

Hi and welcome Miarich,

Asking for answers, wanting to stop is a first step. Have you had time to read the links Jerry provided? Also, read the posts from members here and ask questions, vent whatever it takes to get you to taking action. One step at a time, like getting through withdrawals safely.

If you were to sit in a meting/support group, you would hear stories by people ( myself included) that belived there was no hope, no life without alcohol/substances. But there is hope, people get better everyday and so can you !

Please keep up posted, YOU CAN DO THIS ! : ) Carly
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