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Default New person here and CONFUSED!! Help

Hello all, this forum I found this afternoon has been a God send and thank you to whoever created it and to all who post such intelligent and inspirational writings on the forums.
I live in Australia (our physicians here have to do quite a bit of training to be able to prescribe sub - and the one I was referred to seems like a wonderful man).
I have been addicted to first codeine then oxycontin which was prescribed by a doctor I went to to "get off the codeine". What a joke!! After 2 months I found I was severly addicted to Oxy depiste feeling "off the plant" and losing my job thru taking them. I've took them and woken up elsewhere but in my bed aching all over from falling asleep slumped over or sitting on the floor. My cigarette consumption has also risen during that time from 1 to 2 packs a day and I was so severly constipated I was worried I had an impaction.
So today at 4pm I had my first dose of suboxone. Here in Oz - you need to go to the pharmacy every day to receive it. I had to just get over the embarrassment of going into the little room with the curtain because I look like an everyday normal Mum of an 18 year old which I am in all other ways. When it came down to it I could not have cared less.
By that stage I was in some withdrawal - it had been almost 24 hours since my last oxy dose and the pharmacist made me wait there for 1/2 hour after I had taken the dose (6mg) "just in case".
I didn't feel anything (except panic - I am always panicky about new drugs) and after around an hour I realised any w/d's I'd started were gone (apart from some diarrhea).
I stay on 6mg for the next 3 days and will then be bumped up to 8mg which I think is where he intends to leave me for a while. We have not dicsussed for "how long".
Now - here is what I am totally confused about. I've read two very diff posts (both long and informative) - one was called "Less is More" and gives a convincing argument about keeping the dose of sub low and tapering off it as quickly as possible.
Then another one was called "The Importance of long term vs short term therapy" which was equally as impressive.
So which is correct? I start a new job in two weeks so I'm fortunate to have this time up my sleeve but I don't want to start and be in the middle of sub withdrawal. Nor do I want to think I will be on sub for a huge length of time as I've read too many horror stories about the w/d. I tried to cold turkey off codedine and ended up on a hydration drip in hospital due to the inability to eat, drink, the diarrhea and the vomiting - I sure don't want that to happen again!!

Background info - addicted to codeine up to 200mg per day for almost 2 years - then the oxy at doeses up to 160-200mg for the last two months. I take 7.5mg of valium per day for generalised anxiety disorder - 2.5mg am and 5 mg at bedtime. I have also been on lexapro (10mg per day) for depression for a few years now.

So - I guess I would like to hear peo0ples thoughts on these two opposing articles and find out what has worked the best for most people? I am uncomfortable in that I view the suboxone as just a "band aid" - ie; it's still an opiod. However I am tremendously grateful that it is available and that my physician seems to know exactly what he's doing. He has also immediately referred me to a mental health outreach program for counselling. He even phoned me this evening to see how it had gone!! Here in Australia it is Government subsidised so it only costs $4 per day. And the physician bulk bills through Medicare (our National Health Scheme)thus the visits to him won't cost a thing. I feel very lucky in this regard!!

Well - thank you in advance to all you great people out there.
Hugs to all, Susan in South Australia.
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