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Sam Bailey
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Hello Crickets,

I'm sorry to learn that your daughter is drinking again. Heavily at times, so it appears. Truth is, whether heavy or light, her drinking will, as you know, take her down. Ultimately that's our fate, all of us with alcoholism and/or drug addiction.

While it is, in many ways, really terrific that she has this guy in her life, and while I acknowledge that he sounds like a good person, he is just one other person that your daughter can lean on (use?) to insure her drinking life, her alcoholism, can continue.

He will see that soon, as we all know---whether or not he sees it yet.

Crickets? I don't mean to come off too harsh, though maybe I have. Apologies please if that's so.

But I just see so much more misery in store for your entire family. Most especially, her! Though, like her boyfriend, worse actually, she cannot see the darkness that is swallowing her whole.

I don't know what it will take, but whatever it takes! she needs to get long term help. Yet if she WON'T do it, your hands are tied. Obviously. None of us can save a person who refuses to be saved. Lord knows I have tried.

For so many years my son was lost in his own alcoholic darkness. And like you and your husband, it nearly ended us, my wife and me. I don't know that I have ever suffered through more heartache than the pain of seeing my beloved son destroying himself. Thus, I feel so sad for you...and your husband. I get it.

But there is hope. Really there is. As of today, my son is 2 years, 1 month, 7 days sober. Even now tho I still worry, though not with the kind of terror I once did.

I so hope that your daughter finds the sober life, too.

**Edit: No, she does not need to drive in her condition. My opinion, of course.

best to you Crickets,

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