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That worked for a little while. My husband swears 99% of the attack was due to her, and I have to say I believe that. He really doesn't stress over anything but her. Well long story short, she met someone that lives out of state. I was very skeptical at first, and met the little guy. He was a really nice guy. His own dad had been an alcoholic and he was not willing to be a part of that again in his life. He is very smart, and plans for the future, a extremely hard worker. They had been talking over the phone for quite a while, and when he came to the door, I was shocked. Nice looking, very polite and down to earth. He has been a gift from God so to speak. He doesn't push her constantly, truly enjoys being with her, and yet she still drinks, not to the point of blacking out. Now. But in the early stage of the relationship she was drinking quite a bit. They were actually here this past week end and yes she did drink, and thought she was being sneaky, I just said if you can't stop you. An leave
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