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Yes we stay silent someone else will define who we are. That's why have had difficulty with twelve step programs. Most twelve step people believe the program is perfect because supposedly Bill and Bob were inspired by God. As is believe about the authors of the bible. Yet I don't see such perfection. The relaps rate is to high amongst all across abstinent base programs be it twelve step, Rational Recovery. SMART, SOS, WOMEN FOR SOBRIETY ETC. seems like the relapse rate is too high for my liking.

If one failed, they all have some justificstion of why and is usually some characteristic in you. It is never uthe program. This is most prevalent in the most dominant residential 12 Step programs. In Florida (according to a SAMHSA survey) 92.1% . When someone relapse the patients are discharged from the program. I find that to be the most supide policy I have seen. Getting discharge for the same reason you came to treatment. That's like telling Schizophrenic Patients to get out of the hospital and treatment if you conditio got worst and you have a hallucination or cancer if the patient's dosen't go in remission and their condition gets worst. And if you come back to treatment from a release they give you the same 12Steps, RR, or whatever the patients already received. That's like giving the same antibiotic medication for an infection.

It is clear to me that most treatment staff in mental health and substances use treatment are science illiterates. They keep talking about evidence based treatment but most of what they do is pseudoscientific. I think we all need to take a good look at this. I took enough science at the university to notice that most treatment staff in all fields of mental health don't even understand the most rudimentary concepts in science and too frequently they miss understand and make audacious and exaggerate claims where there is no evidence.

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