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hi jackie; i have done a few 4th steps in my life and it's not really that bad. all of the fear comes from the unknown, we think we are going to freak out when we write that first one and we don't! you'll be just fine, i promise.

there were additional things that came up when i wrote my first 4th, but i would feel the emotion over that, then go on to more writing. by the time i came across something else i had buried deep, i had already released the emotions from the prior stuff. unless you are an extremely psychotic person, there isn't going to be too much gunk buried in you. i hope this is making sense, i'm not sure how to convey it over the internet.

the 4th and 5th step made me feel part of society again, i no long felt like i was so seperate from others, my sponsor helped me through it and told me about similar secrets from her own past. we've all done pretty much the same 'stuff', lol.

once you start to write, you will continue on. just remember to take your time, don't be in a hurry and don't beat yourself up!
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