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Toms, some people simply are not religious or spiritual in any fashion or form and don't care to be. In my eyes, this by no way means that they cannot grow within the fellowship and benefit from the steps, just as I have and just as I try to continue to do.
Mike, this is the attitude which I was seeking when I came to AA, and it it Toms attitude that because I am not religious that I am looking for an excuse to not work the steps that I left.

Having faith is a wonderful thing, but you should be able to have faith or not, or have any kind of faith you choose.

Toms, I've heard you say, "Don't get hung up on religious matters," as if it were that simple. What if the steps involved you changing your religious beliefs? Would you like it if someone dismisssed yours as insignificant?

Mike, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your thinking, and even more so as you are a Christian. It just shows that the close minded stereotype of a Christian man is not true, and that comforts me.

Thank you,
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