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After he told me about his cocaine use, he used it while I was in the room with him. It made him want to talk more and he acted calm when I brought up things that bothered me. Maybe I can talk to him if I know he has been doing cocaine. I don't know. It's so confusing to me because I don't know if he lying about his use or not. He says he only do it 3 times a month. He acted calm and cool when he was on it but maybe that was a lie also. He can get real angry to the point where I am afraid to say anything to him. I have tried writing letters to him and he doesn't like that. He said it's best if we talked but talking never gets us anywhere. So now I'm questioning is the drug making him angry?? I was in a previous long term relationship and it was very physically abusive. After our breakup I was told he was using cocaine. I guess I'm back in the same situation without the physical abuse. I really want to get him help, I really do. This man has done so many great things for my kids and I. I hate to lose him to this drug.
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