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Hi Sherryl,

In a way, I think you have been alone in your current relationship. I agree, breaking up will be painful at first. You will need to be VERY kind to yourself. Treat yourself as your own best friend. Talk nicely to yourself, give yourself nice "treats" - like take a bath instead of a shower... wash your robe in some really good smelling fabric softner and then cuddle up and watch a hilarious movie.... You can do this.

Eventually, the hurt will begin to fade and you will be okay on your own. In fact, you will be better than okay, and you will realize that you are now in a place where you are ready to be in a realtionship WITH somebody - instead of being in a relationship alone.

You've got this! Don't let your mind be mean. Don't let it look ahead. I don't know why our minds do that - but man - talk about mean girls... how about mean minds?

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