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Physically I'm still dragging & motivation to exercise has been a little more difficult the past 3/4 days. I think partially due to going back to the office. I know I need to push myself more to at least go for a walk or short jog in the evening. Ive also been taking a few viatamins for energy. Not a big coffee drinker but tried to have a small cup the other morning & it gave me the jitters & didn't feel well for a little so I don't think I'm ready for the caffeine yet.

Thank you for the link Nancy. I have been trying to eat more protein & less sweets. That's seems to have become a weakness of mine over the years and of course theres candy in every other office on my floor but I've been keeping peanut butter, crackers & nuts in my desk to curve my appetite.

I've been researching addiction counselors in my area & left a message for one yesterday to do a consoltation & hoping I hear from him soon & can start that sooner than later. Please let me know if you have any recommended websites for addiction counseling? I found a few but most searches seem to either turn up in-patient/detox (which I've already gone through & am looking for out patient counseling) or I get a bunch of links on how to become a certified counselor. I found one website where I can search for addiction counselors in my area but was just curious if you knew of any others like that. Not even sure if there's a search tool on this site like that? I'm not all that familiar.

Thank you again Nancy for your continued support. I know I need to remain patient & it's going to take time for my energy to return but right now that seems to be the biggest challenge. Especially coming home from work & having 2 boys under the age of 5 and all they want is to play & wrestle with Dad. Here's to staying positive. Thank you!
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