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Hi RCB, thanks, just wanted to make sure - some people generically call anything bupe Subutex or Sub or Suboxone. I also couldn't tell if you had started the Belbuca yet. Just wanted to be absolutely sure about everything an not assume.

So it looks like you've really dropped your dose a lot going from 2mg of bupe to 75mcg every 12 hours. That would be .15mg a day of bupe. Did you notice any difference when you switched? One other thing we've seen here over the years is that some generic bupes were less effective dose-wise/absorption-wise than others for people. Would you happen to know who the manufacturer of the generic -tex was?

If you didn't notice any difference going from the 2mg of -tex to the .15mg of Belbuca, I wonder if you could go to just 1 75mcg (.075mg) a day. Another thing people have done is just stop and take a sliver of the film if it gets too uncomfortable.

I do realize that the delivery system of Belbuca is supposed to be better than sublingual tablets and even the Suboxone film; it's just difficult to know how different because everyone is different with their absorption rate.

Try not to get too anxious, easier said than done I know, try to stay as busy as you can to distract yourself from thinking about how you're feeling. Hylands Restful Legs was a big help for a lot of people for the RLS. As was magnesium and calcium. Benedryl could help with sleep, but for some, it just didn't work too well. Chamomile tea, melatonin, valerian root were some other sleep aids that were helpful. But mostly staying positive and distracted.

You weren't rambling at all! Keep posting, you can do this!!

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