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Hi RCB, welcome. what dose of Belbuca do you have? Were you taking Suboxone film or generic tablets or generic subutex?

We don't have much on Belbuca here because it's FDA indicated only for pain. The doses range from 75 mcg to 900 mcg. Which would be .075mg to .9mg

This is a good post from someone who tapered off. She gives a lot of advice on supplements that might be helpful:

Sorry for all the questions.


75mcg every 12 hrs. As I mentioned I was tapering from 2mg generic subutex & was going to drop 25% every 4 days & jump from 1mg on Apr 21st. I'm still finished regardless just not exactly sure how to taper with the Belbuca? I guess I'm going to cut the films every 4th day leading up to the 21st & hope that that might help a little with the withdrawals. I doubt much but we'll see. I plan on posting as much as I can the 1st week of withdrawing because I'll be at it alone.

I've been battling addiction with oxy for the past 8/9 years & have been going in between oxy & subutex for a while. The most subutex I ever was on daily was 4/6mg a day. And like I said I've been on 2mg the past 3/4 months & im at the point where I've had enough an ready to give it all up. Last time I jumped from a100/150 mg a day oxy habit & the worst for me like a lot of folks was the insomnia & the crawly skin. I was able to get a few muscle relaxers to help with the worst days to see if that will help at all with restless legs & maybe a little sleep....doubtful though.

Anyways, sorry for the rambling. Def a little anxious but I know I need to stay strong & determined to get through this. I appreciate your response & will keep updates as I go.
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