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Hi Kira,

First of all you are a beatiful person, don't let your husband ABUSE you like that. It seem's to me you are damned it you do or damned if you don't in his eye's.
I know first hand the type, my sister's husband is the same way, that is why I refuse to be around him, he is a TOXIC PERSON!!! As is your HUSBAND!
Your husband is a very insecure person the way he put' you down, please get help as soon as possible, don't let your children see anymore of the way your husband treat's you.
Finding a Therapist is easy , look in the Phone Book and try someone, if you don't like them LEAVE! You have no obligation to stay.
Start taking care of you and DON'T let your husband treat you like this anymore.
When you do find a good Therapist and start to feel good about yourself and find you don't neen alcohol or anything else to feel numb, your husband will try to sabatoge you, believe me he prefer's to make you the problem , when inside he is so insecure that when you start to like yourself you are going to scare the hell out of him and he will try to destroy it , don't let him.
You use alcohol and food as a way to feel numb, how about you get help , and when you do you will see your husband in a whole new light.
Belive he will not like the change he can't blame you anymore, but please stop his abuse of you and your abuse of yourself before your children see this as NORMAL!! And it is not.Your husband is verbally abusing you and sometime's that is worse than hitting(both are very wrong) but word's stay in our head's and we start to believe what the abuser is saying . DON'T!!!!
Good Luck, you can do it!

I wish you the best of luck.
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