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Hi Nancy, I am on a form of Wisconsin Medicaid called badger care for childless adults and it is very good insurance, at least for substance abuse. I looked at the pricing on your suggested website and to my surprise suboxone,zubsolv and bunavail are all about the same price. Qty 56 suboxone 8/2 is around $475. I also checked the list of accepted drugs for Wisconsin badger care/Medicaid and all 3 drugs are on their list.
They show a P for the preferred drug=suboxone. Zubsolv and Bunavail show NP meaning non-prferred. I do not know if this affects the cost. I assume not, the co-pay is probably the same whether P or NP. I will have to call badgercare/Medicaid to see if there is $ difference.
I emailed my doctor’s office nurse today and basically begged her to convince the doctor to let me try Bunavail and listed some of the advantages and reasons to switch from suboxone. I told them that I have not filled my suboxone yet hoping they will change it. The emails says it can take up to 48 hours to get an answer .
I guess if they won’t do bunavail, like you said zubsolv also claims to reduce Gi tract exposure only not as much. I said pleaseeeeeee at least let me try it. If it does not work I can always go back suboxone .
Thank-You Nancy ,
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