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I appreciate your honesty. I am no expert on addiction but from my perspective the behaviors are the same whether an alcoholic or drug user. They are all an escape from what we don't want to face.

People, places and things Michael.... We often need to evaluate and remove ourselves from the people, places and things that lead us to use. It is hard for an addict to become sober if they constantly surround themselves with the very same things that lead them to use. Consider surrounding yourself with people that are sober, that have been where you are today. They know the challenges you face and can be readily accessible when you feel yourself on shaky ground. I have never personally been to AA meetings but that is one of the reasons it is highly recommended by addiction experts, because it works.

Sobriety is about lifestyle changes but that alone is often never enough. You will hear RLee often say he doesn't have a "drinking problem he has a thinking problem". Once our body and mind is clear of our drug of choice we often need to work on the things that caused us to use in the first place. For me that meant looking at myself, accepting myself for who I am and working on those things I don't like about myself.

I'm not judging you Michael because I know what you are going through. It takes what it takes.... keep thinking about sobriety and keep working towards that goal.

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