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Hey all, Since i've started suboxone Ive been having pretty intense dreams. Lately I've been having nightmares and literally jump out of bed yelling ,my heart will be racing and I'm in kinda a state of panic or fog if you will, until I calm down.then I go right back to sleep. Its been happening more frequently lately and its scary! I've never jump up and hollered out for someone to help me, and thats what i've been doing. Is there anybody here has had this happen to them?
I am sorry bout the dreams. I used to take something to quit smoking and at that time it created me to drasticly reduce my methadone too. I had so many dreams, good bad but VIVID as hell they call it lucid dreaming. I am coming at you from a spiritual place too btw. It is a coping mech too. you have shit loads going on and lots of unresolved stuff so our dreams help us cope and come to terms and figure stuff out. Look up lucid dreaming you can guide your dreams and in turn help you figure out what your feeling deep down I could never achieve it on mdone but I am hoping I can now Its called guided lucid dreaming I believe i have alot of books if you are interested I will give you the name of a good one, it will put you back in control at least.
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