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Unhappy Newbie....worried a little

here goes, I started two weeks before thing I ever did, the doc gave me two weeks worth at 8mgs twice a day... he said the first couple of days take an extra half if you still feel sick after a couple hrs .................well I did that the whole first 8 days or so great,felt great, great attitude and all. .then had to get some roxys to get through the last week...not good........anyway I got sick as hell not from the meds, a virus or it is Dec28 still sick feelin a little better but
never got back where I was that first ...... week on the subs.....and I know I've been taking some extra to try and fell better (bad headaches in the mornin) Today took my 8mgs and said thats it til this evening right before I left for work I took 4mgs more .......I could barely keep my eyes open on the way to work. came home early ...just want to sleep.I mean like really nodding out like I took to many roxys.........These things have given me the best hope I have felt in soooo loong I just hope after I get over whatever this illness is I can get that again........Its gonna be a great new start to a very old and tired life. Thank you to all on here have given me a little more insight to dosage and timing and the 36 hr halflife ....makes a little more since now if I'm over doing it....I would really like to be done with these in a little over 6 months........after doing cold turkey twice in the last year I finally figured out why I wanted to die after about a month off opiates........didn't know what I was doing to my brain
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