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Hi! Nice to meet you too!! Glad you had such success with the Wellbutrin. I have a doctor appointment today, and am planning on asking if maybe I should lower my Sub dose (I'm on 32mg daily since March) and/or increasing the WB or changing it altogether. I just feel horrible! I have absolutely NO ENERGY WHATSOEVER!!! I'm not tired or anything, I just have no "get up and go", ya know what I mean?

I know what you mean about smoking like a fiend when you started Sub! I did it too! It's like, OK, I gotta calm my nerves somehow without taking my DOC to do it!!

Hey, I'll take those 10lbs!! I could use em! Since I started Sub and WB I went down to 118lbs (from 149lbs.). I'm 5'11" and so it don't quite look right to me, lol!

Well...hope to talk to you soon! Take care!!!

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