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Hi Janel. My experience with Wellbutrin was just the same as yours. Lost 25 lbs in less than 2 months. Seems to work well for the depression and I did use it to quit smoking. That lasted about 3 months and then I thought I didn't need the meds anymore. I started smoking again and feeling depressed. I'm back on it now, 200 mgs a day, and feel great again. Haven't tried to quit smoking again yet but don't smoke near as much as I did before I quit. Especially my first 2 months on Sub. I smoked like crazy.

Anyway I learned how important the meds( Sub & WB) are as a part of my recovery and healing. Haven't been able to lose the 10lbs I put back on though. Damn guess I'll have to work at it now! LOL. It was like magic before. Not now.

I don't know if we've talked before so nice to meet you and take care.

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