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Well Saturn, for me it was just the opposite. My first 24 months in recovery I lost 60 lbs.

However, since thanksgiving or so, I have put some back on, though not nearly close to where I was prior to entering treatment. Now, as I work through some health issues, I am starting to slowly drop again.

I know this to be true, my 60 lb. reduction was a direct result of recovery. Though I contribute it to the recovery process in general, not just Suboxone. My recent weight gain is a combination of getting too comfortable, age and my health issues limiting me.

During my active addiction with vicodin it was not the vicodin which drove my weight from my normal 225 - 230 up to and just over 300 lbs. but, addiction as a whole. The entire process. With that said, I know many where just the opposite took place, they lost a great deal of weight during active addiction, in this case mostly to pain killers.

So to correct these things (even if they are triggered by just one thing) IMO we need to look at our daily life as a whole and make life changes to correct whatever problems we experience weight gain or loss included.

and there is always the sweets deal with recovery. Be it an extra soda per day, maybe a extra teaspoon of sugar here and there or that extra baked good or candy! Sweets and recovery go hand in hand often times and also often times we do or change little things without much notice.

Nevertheless, I'm sure if you approach this as an opportunity to make healthy life changes in general to combat it, not only will you succeed but, you will be making good changes across the board in a lot of areas.

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