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Thanks for your good wishes! I'm feeling pretty good about the party and don't mind having alcohol around, even at my place, for a specific event. My limits will just be getting rid of any that for any reason gets left behind, and that will be easy enough. I'm also kind of glad to host a party WITHOUT providing alcohol, because it's just showing that, hey, that really is an option. If it's my birthday or my house, I get to choose whether there is booze, and I prefer not to have any. And yeah, I can totally leave anytime I feel the need (driving is easy if you don't drink!).

I hope he's hit his "bottom" too, and I agree that he likely feels a ton of shame, and my heart hurts for him because of that. It must be exhausting to never feel comfortable being "real" about what's going on. I sometimes feel frustrated at how much B.S./impression management he does, because it's a bit insulting to one's intelligence, plus it's just such an impediment to genuine connection. I want to keep checking in with him but also don't like the idea of nagging. Has anyone else been in "his" position before, and if so, what ways was it actually helpful for people to keep asking you how you were doing? And were there ways that were not helpful?

Happy almost weekend, everyone!
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