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Thanks for the congrats on my achievement of one year, and for your kind wishes! And I'm glad I can contribute in return. Tryn, I'm glad you liked my quote so much!

Yesterday was another milestone in that I turned 40. I decided my theme for the occasion is "badass," since as we get more mature, we often gain strength and courage. And I do feel stronger and braver just from not drinking, so then entering my 40s is a bonus.

I had a party with friends and we played board games and ate pizza and really good cake. I didn't serve any alcohol, but some friends brought some alcohol drinks. I've been very open with people about my decision to quit, so I'm sure everyone there knew I don't drink anymore, so I was glad they felt comfortable enough to do so anyway around me. It was not a traditional party since it didn't have booze and it had a nerdy theme, but I really enjoyed it.

My boyfriend and I are also having a housewarming party in a couple of weeks and I think we are not having alcohol at it either. (I don't feel strongly about it, although I do prefer not to have alcohol in our house on an ongoing basis, which is totally fine with him.) I did notice that I avoided inviting some people that I like because I was afraid they would get drunk and then I'd have to deal with that. I'm looking forward to the party, but I like my own space enough that I don't want to have anyone stay all night (the party is in the afternoon).

On a sadder note, I am worrying about my brother. As I may have mentioned, he got his 3rd DUI a couple of months ago, while driving the family business' van at more than twice the legal blood alcohol limit. He didn't hurt anyone, but he did hit a couple of mailboxes, which is really really not good. I didn't know he'd had his 2nd DUI. But he tends to hide these things, as so many of us did. He works with my father, and my father was the one who told me about it (my brother seemed mad that he told me). He was really pushing my brother to get treatment, but I don't know if he still is. My brother never talks to me about it unless I ask, and when I ask he says things are going great. He says he hasn't gotten a counselor but he's attending AA and really likes it and almost has a sponsor. I am just worried that he is being less than honest, as he has been for most of his life. Does anyone have any thoughts about how I can be helpful to him and how I can take care of myself as well?

Thank you!
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