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Default I've achieved one year of freedom from alcohol!

Thursday marked one year of freedom from alcohol for me. It was great to hit such a big landmark, and I was really proud of myself. I've been setting aside time to study my "alcohol notes" once a month (most months anyway) this last year, to remind myself of all the reason I've made the decision to quit. There sure are a lot of reasons! This time, I was at a nice restaurant, sitting at the bar, and the server jokingly criticized me for ordering "just" a club soda (which I think is delicious, by the way) and said that tequila would be better. I told him "Actually, today I am celebrating one year of being free of alcohol!" He quickly changed to talking about how much money we can save by not drinking alcohol. So, that worked great! And one of the benefits I've seen from not drinking the past year is indeed saving hundreds (probably more than that) of dollars. To celebrate, I spent some of that money on some fancy spa scrub/massage thing and went to one of my favorite classes at the gym, plus went to the dentist and took my car in for a checkup, since I was being so grown up and capable and everything, plus I had taken the day off work to celebrate the occasion anyway.

My boyfriend says he is really glad I don't drink anymore, which is great because we just moved in together a month ago. I turn 40 next Monday, and I haven't lived with another person for ten years. So, it's a real transition, and it has had its challenges. We all know how much worse those challenges are with the burden of alcohol, though.

I also, just tonight, realized I have a really good reminder of my drinking days, right down the street. The house we've moved into is just one block away from a pod of food carts, and it turns out that one of them is a beer cart/trailer owned by my ex-boyfriend (of maybe four years ago), with whom I have a chilly relationship. I was very annoyed by this bad luck, but now I'm thinking it's, in a way, fantastic luck. Guess why? Because it's a physical and obvious reminder (with signs and sometimes actual balloons) of the time when I used to drink, and how it was pretty awful. Mostly, the relationship was bad because it was bad, but our drinking sure didn't help. And I see that he is still drinking, and in fact has opened a little tiny ratty-looking business selling alcohol. It reminds me of the shabby and constricting effects of our drinking and how glad I am to not be with him or with alcohol anymore, and even serves as a cautionary example to me. So, I'm hoping that instead of thinking "Jeez, how terrible it is that I happen to be right next to his beer trailer!", I'll now start thinking "Wow, what a great reminder of what I DON'T want! I'm glad I've have chosen to not drink anymore!"

Thank you all for your wonderful and kind support and for checking in on me. I so appreciate your warmth and humor and encouragement!
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