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Hi you sound like me. I have been on a 8 mg once a day for 4 years or more and I too have been wanting to desperately start the taper process. So 2 months ago I went down to 6mg and I really did not skip a beat I hardly noticed a difference and TRUST ME I AM HYPERSENSITIVE to how my body feels ALL THE TIME. So for me to say that I feel really confident that you could do the 6 easily. I had put it off for so long out of fear and now wondered why.
I just started to take my 6 mg down to 4 mg and am on the 4 th day it is a little tougher than I thought but I am going to give it a few more days and if need be I will do alternate days of 4 and 6 .
You are not alone and I am not someone who can tell you what the taper was like I would actually be walking the journey with you. Hope that helped a little. Taking the first step is the biggest and Nancy is right you can always go back up.
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