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Hi everyone! I'm midway through my tenth alcohol-free month and I'm still really liking it. Alcohol just seems more and more like a part of my past, i.e., "over." It's sort of like a cigarette addiction I had in my teens, and even like my casual use of marijuana in college...I'm just done with those things and don't want them. I don't think using marijuana once would hurt me, but to me, for me, it just seems passe, even though it's actually fairly trendy now, since I live in a state that recently legalized its recreational use. Cigarettes and alcohol would hurt me, but I don't want either. I imagine my desire for alcohol will go from negligible to absent with more time.

I've been very glad to be able to serve as a resource for a couple of people lately. A friend was at a gathering and seemed to be intoxicated even though it was only about 7 PM. She asked me to get together with her for brunch, and I said yes because I like her, then she leaned closer and said more quietly that she wants to try to stop drinking alcohol. I was willing to take that time and do that for her...and even better, my brother has recently asked me how I was able to quit. His life is definitely handicapped by his use of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco (and I don't know what other substances, at least in the past), and he is a parent so his use isn't just affecting him. I'm sure many people find motivation to become healthier in their desire to be good parents to their beloved children. I was really glad he's expressing interest, and so far he's been free of at least alcohol for two weeks (assuming he's being honest), which is fantastic. It seems like my health choice has been inspiring others to consider making their own, and I feel happy and proud about that. As gmasusie said, we can see when others we care about are hurting themselves with drink, and it hurts us. Gmasusie, you can tell him that I have found that 39 is an excellent age at which to quit drinking! That way he can start a new decade of life alcohol-free. I recommend it! :-) I also called up a very old friend of mine who's been putting away a 12-pack of cider a night and talking about maybe making a change...he's also got a wife and little one at home and that seems to motivate him too...we didn't even talk about alcohol, as we have been lately, but I just wanted to keep the door open. So many people try to go this alone, and if that works, I'm all for it, but as all of us here know, it can be so useful to have companions on the journey.

My heart and soul feel very good right now, today in particular. I spent time last night volunteering with a political organization I really like, getting signatures from strangers and then enjoying the beautiful community event after my shift. I felt so pumped afterward that I pumped myself up even more, by pumping some weights, which felt great. Then after waking up this morning (with no hangover, yay!) after a nice sleep, I went to a soaking pool for an hour, went for a run in the sun along the river (and ran into a couple friends), visited a friend, did some errands, watched The Simpsons, and cooked myself a delicious healthy dinner. Ask me how much of that I would have been able to do with even, say, two cocktails on board? Forgetaboutit. I like to be able to get so much done and still enjoy the sun and breeze on my skin as I move my body at the speed that's right for it, and laugh with people and at/with myself.

Thanks for letting me know about your drinking nightmares and resources that have been helpful for you, including of course this excellent group. I really appreciate all the love!
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