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Yep, I've had those nightmares. They can indeed be unsettling.

About things we can do differently without drinking, e.g., your friend's comment that you were dealing like an adult... I've noticed the same thing. And realized that when I do realize that I'm coping with something by letting my emotions happen and then figuring out what's next, that's actually the grownup thing to do. Go figure!

You talked about a self-help book... one thing that really helped me was reading and listening to Pema Chodron talking about dealing with uncertainty. We always want to know what's going on, and it causes us suffering to not know or not have control. I think that was a big reason for why I drank -- that suffering -- and it's been an interesting experience to try to open up to the idea that that "middle way" can be a peaceful place to be.

Anyhoo. Keep it up, sounds like you're doing great!
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