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Default Thanks for the warm welcome!

Wow, thank you so much everyone for the warm welcome! I tried to post last week but I see it did not work for some reason...learning curve with the new group, I suppose. I appreciate your kind words very much! Tryn, you are so right that it is easy to "belly up to the bar" with guilt and shame, as they are pretty reliable drinking buddies. Good point. And R. Lee thank for the cool nickname!

I am continuing to do well and am still very glad I've made the decision to stop drinking. I got another alcohol help book/memoir to keep me thinking about my recovery. I spent time this weekend with people who were drinking, as it seems like people so often are, and noticed that one of my friends actually left the place we were at when she learned they didn't have a bar. We were roller skating for a friend's birthday and she couldn't enjoy it without alcohol (even though I think she is actually a really fun person and doesn't need it at all). I also spent time with a friend (at a board game night) who sometimes drinks too much and she wasn't and I really enjoyed that. I also noticed that, contrary to what a lot of people talk about when it comes to their plans for their weekends, or even just my assumptions about what people do on the weekends, I spent time with maybe 10 or 12 people this weekend and only one of them seemed to be using alcohol to any significant degree. It helps me redefine what the norm is.

I also realized I am in the rare position of getting a "do-over" of a prior drinking fail. A few years ago I was on vacation and visited a group of friends, and one of the things we did was attend someone's moving-away party. I drank way too much and did some stuff that angered some people, worried my host, and embarrassed me when I heard about it later. Most of the people there were strangers to me, and I made a pretty bad impression. Well, next week I am going to visit the same group of friends, and guess what? I've been invited to another moving-away party, and this time I get to NOT act like a jerk! Nice!

The person I'll be staying with during most of my trip has told me she wants to quit drinking too (and she has a variety of good reasons), but doesn't have the strength. So, I'm hoping I may be able to provide a good role model for her and if she wants to pick my brain, I'll answer her questions. If nothing else, I can at least be her designated driver. I'm going on this trip by myself, and my boyfriend said he worries about me much less now that I don't drink anymore. I feel the same way he does.

I am also going through some really frustrating health issues, and when I think "Gah, I feel like crud, I wish I could breathe and sleep better, when will this be over?" etc., I also sometimes think how much worse I would feel if I were also hung over, headachy, or other physical symptoms of alcohol use and then I think "Okay, this isn't so bad, I can handle it."

Thanks again for your kind words and also for checking in on me! I appreciate it very much and am glad to be here.
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