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Good morning to you Rockinsteady. Bright blessings to you.

Welcome, welcome to this amazing and loving family.

What a journey you have had there and thank you for sharing it. Everyone here has their journeys all of them challenging, yet then again that is life. What we all share is that on our journeys alcohol near as damn it killed us! We have experienced that very dark and very lonely place.

How right you are when you say you had no idea how much time alcohol took up. I think when when i was drinking there was infact nothing else on my mind. If i had none it was getting it, when i had some it was drinking it, and when i was coming to the was i going to get more?

Those mornings, as if we were completely blind to ourselves....oh so ill. I can vividly remember saying on sooo many occasions as i was feeling like death warmed up...."its ok....i'll be alright after a drink"...

What a life eh? Days rolling into weeks, into months into whooshing by, yet the drinker missing the lot. old friend guilt and shame. Very...verrryyyy easy to pop an arm round those 2 and have them escort you to the bar.
So that being said, what a remarkable achievement you have already made. You sound so very thoughtful, reflective and have a very clear focus. The one thing alcoholics never seem to believe they have and that is wisdom. No one here would admit to being wise, yet on my journey here, each and every brother and sister, (oh that's just Tryn. I see all the members here as my brothers and sisters), have shown me wisdom at time that has "saved my bacon". Some of us struggle terribly still, some have more time sober. Yet 1 thing we all want, we all share and we all support each other in the pursuit of, none of us want to drink.

The folk you will meet here are the most beautiful, experienced, yes wise, loving, non judgemental, understanding and compassionate bunch of people you will ever meet.

We are all here for each other my friend, we are here for you. I look forward to hearing more about you and your journey.

Once again, welcome my new brother.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you Rockinsteady
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