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Hi Andy!

Your sentiments regarding Michael were very clear, in both posts. Thank you for sharing such intimate recollections. In my mind, I can see that sweet soul. He was, as we all are, human...and as a human creature we have a darkness that always tags along with the light in our lives. Thank you for sharing all of that too, all of Michael---in so much as a few sentences can convey any sort of shared truth.

I'm sorry for all those who loveed Michael, yet I hope, pray even, that he has found peace in whatever comes next. In such a place, Michael may well have beat us all to the glory. Remaining behind though, no matter what, comes with a terrible ache.

Tryn'? You told us what you saw in your friend, Michael. I wonder what this man saw in you. I'm not trying to make some larger point, not trying to shovel out some 2-bit piece of philosophy.

We all, each one of us, impacts every person we meet, whether we stumble into them climbing across a bus seat...or whether we share a long wait in a too long line for movie tickets. What do we think of this person? That chap? That gal? What does she/he/they think of us?

Is it even important?

Yes, it is---I think it's enormously important.

Andy? You made a genuine, positive, lovely connection with another human being. You gave him, little or lot, a piece of you---and he, this lovely man, Michael, gave you something back. He gave you Michael, even if just a peek.

And this Michael, he saw you too. You gave him that. Even if just a peek,

Two generous men nodding hello, saying goodbye.

A wondrous part of life, this connection was.

your friend,

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