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Hi Millie, and welcome! Sorry I haven't posted sooner.

I totally "get" the wanting to drink whether happy, sad, bored, mad, name it! I agree with Saint about changing the way we think. For alcoholics, it is so easy to 'want to stop' when the remorse is there, shame, guilt, hangover, all that. However, as a bit of time passes, those terrible feelings and memories seem to fade away, and we are left with that memory of drinking that seemed positive. As hard as I can look in my own life, there just wasn't any positive surrounding drinking. Some people can have one or two and stop and not think about it at all. Some people cannot. People who do not have a problem with drinking usually do not wonder whether or not they have a problem with drinking.

You can do this, by "this" I mean staying sober this weekend. Keep yourself occupied and busy. Check in here. Write as much and for as long as you want. That's why we're here! We support each other, one day at a time. Take care! Jenm
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