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Sam Bailey
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Hey Soapdish!

You are such a thoughtful person. Thoughtful, yet with a big old dollop of fun.

I'm sorry that you're feeling, at times, sorta lost. Do you think ANY of this feeling(s) is influenced, in any way, to your ex-fella...and the recent communications with him? NOT saying this is so. I surely don't know. Yet, whew! what a dramatic event. Emotionally dramatic, I mean.

Well, since NO ONE will have that coffee with me, I suppose I'll run out on my own for that tasty Starbucks.

Btw: I've been having...issues with getting posted properly. Ergo, I haven't been posting much recently. Kinda frustrating. Oh well.

I so like that you're being forgiving to yourself...being kind to you. Yay Soapdish!


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