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Thanks Alexis, you're so kind and sweet to me.

Maybe it's the other way around: I'm not ok deep down, only on the surface. Oh I don't know. I'm just having a moment, I guess. Feel a bit weepy.

But you are absolutely right, I should do stuff I like today and not waste the day with pessimism.

So now I will go and distract myself.

Sometimes I feel like Arnold Schwarzeneger in the film Total Recall. I could do with a holiday from myself!
Used to find that in a glass of whisky now I have to use healthier ways and that's just hard sometimes because I make it hard with so much mental masturbation.
Sorry to be so wimpy and low mood today. Now I will perk up, I promise. It's my birthday and a Sunday for goodness sake!

Ok good day everyone, what are you up to?

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