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Good evening my dear Big Sis. Bright blessings to you.

Building something, creating something out of you, to find the strength and the courage to pass on the gift you have shown us we can all share. To have created a space of reconciliation with both ourselves and our experiences. To be at the helm of keeping us safe and opening up choices and pathways for us all, who ever we may be, from whatever walk of life, from what ever corner of this beautiful world we like to say we belong you have given each and everyone of us the chance to be ourselves.

You have created a network of very special love and understanding, without which i would not be alive. Yes i owe all my brothers and sisters in this family my life, yet surely, surely, my gratitude has to ultimately lay at the door of the creator.

My Big Sis.....there were so many nights i slept outside, very young, staring up at the stars ........ and they spun, and spun. Round and round again. I saw the garden of Eden in my dreams as i looked...barely legal......totally ****ed off my face on my own deep in the depths of nature, at the spinning stars.

No one to the left of me, no one to the right.

Your arms reached as far as my dear ole Blighty. When they reached me and i was introduced to strength, trust and honesty....... Now......those stars really do spin. They do because that is what i see, they do, because i now see them with a clear, kind and compassionate being i now call myself.

You enabled that.

From your actions, i now have mentors, friends, and the very special...the totally unique...... that are a part of my daily life. You have created something i for one, can not do without.

I think i am talking for all my brothers and sisters, all your brothers and sisters when i say, thank you. Thank you for giving me the space, the opportunity to find the love and guidance i was always looking for.

Thank you for saving this human bods life.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to you dearest Nancy
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