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Hi Michele, that's too bad it didn't work out. It's really too bad that the place didn't at least have nicotine patches or gum to offer people who smoke a lot. But that's in the past. Just move forward. At least you have everything set up and ready to go on January 1. Does the new place has all of your information - including your insurance ID numbers already so there's no doubt you'll be admitted right away?

One suggestion. Get rid of all the sub now. You have the percocet and the vicodin. There's no point in having the bupe around, especially because you could risk going into precipitated withdrawals if you decide to take bupe and it's too soon. And no sense being tempted, especially as the first draws closer.

You have to find things to keep yourself occupied for the next couple of weeks. Can you go to the library and take out some books or even movies to watch? Anything to keep your mind from constantly focusing on how you're feeling and perhaps to help time go by.

I know it's trite to say, but you can do this, just keep looking at the help you'll get on the first.

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