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Sam Bailey
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Hey Guys!

Big thanks to all of you. As I've recently said, y'all are the best!

"Y'all?" Sheesh, must be the injury. Brings out the Tom Joad in me every time. Ha!

**Side note: Truth is, I am "related" to Tom Joad, as all genuine Okies are.

Although I'm not from Oklahoma, both my Mom 'n Dad are...and like gazillions of other Okies," they came to California during the infamous Dust Bowl, bumper to bumper with all the other Joads.

They were truly "Grapes of Wrath" dreamers. Dad was 19 when he married my 13 year old Mom which, back then, in Oklahoma, wasn't terribly unusual.

Anyway. Once in Bakersfield, they lived in Canvas Covered Cabins in Crowded Labor Camps (thanks, Merle H!) and together they worked in the fields and sheds of Rosedale and Pumpkin Center. 40 cents an hour, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. I believe it was 40 cents. Tule fog? Worked. 110 degree summer days? Worked. Sick? Yep, no rest for the weary.

Years later, my Dad and I would get into some pretty heated arguments every time Caesar Chavez and the Farm Labor Union idea came up. Despite being worked half to death, without a single benefit, Dad loved the owners, while I gave my allegiance to Chavez.

Boy, would we get into it.

Truth is, I was a dumbass 16 year old know it all kid. But on this matter (all other politics aside), I was right. Sorry Dad. Ha! Geez, I miss him, despite all his demons. Mom, too. Despite hers. Brother. Grandmother. Uncles. All gone. Where the hell did they all go?

Whew! Where'd THAT come from? Ha!!

Pleeze!! keep the advice coming! I think I have my endorphin production covered...will have, I mean---in a week or so. But any other advice, hints or orders!, send 'em my way. Thanks.

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