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Oh dear, do I know how awful it is to be sidelined. I injured myself right around the time I was rejected by the three grad schools I applied to, and had to stop running for a few months. Worst depression I've had in years. I was even too self-pity-filled to do the things I *was* able to do. As I'm sure you know, running gives you all those nice endorphins, so when you stop, there is a legitimate withdrawal.

So you know what I'm gonna ask -- can your knees handle other things? Biking? Elliptical? Swimming? Swinging from vines in the jungle? Something rhythmic to get the blood pumping and the endorphins going. When I had my stress fracture late last year, I'd've gone straight down into a pit if I hadn't forced myself right away to start doing other things. While my husband doesn't always love that I spend a few hours most weekends running, he remembers how I was without it, and appreciates that I'm a much nicer person now.

Okay, lecture over. You didn't ask for advice...

I really really hope that you can find some relief for your knees, and for your heart, and I'm glad you had the self-knowledge to turn away the meds. (And I love the smell of Ben-Gay too!)
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