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Sam Bailey
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Hey Alexis,

You ask how I am? Well, since you asked.....

.....I don't feel well. And I don't feel good.

My body hurts, knees up. Worse, I guess, my mind hurts. My heart? Ah, gag me. That is so cornball! But ok, it hurts too, my heart. I suppose.

Thing is, I have so much to be thankful for, including the continued sobriety of my beautiful son. And I am thankful. I am. For so much.

Bottom line?

I'm just not too crazy about Sam these days. Always have had a problem with that guy. Like him some days, some days I have even loved him. Plenty other days though that I think he's a crappy, failed, dishonest person, and I really have little use for him.

Problem is, he wont leave me alone. Follows me everywhere I go. I turn around, there he is. So, I need to accept him, I know this. Need to accept that he's a flawed person, flawed but not bad. I need to accept this then embrace the s.o.b.

But on some days, days like today, I just don't like him well enough to make that move. Can barely tolerate him, to be honest, So instead of accepting him, I push him away instead.

That Sam, does the man have an authentic bone in his body? Some days, I think he does. No, I know he does. I do. But if that's true, why not all days At least why not more days?

He disappoints me so, that guy Sam.

Blah blah blah blah blah.....

Sorry guys. Just a hard day. And I'm feeling sorry for my dumbass-self.

Sorry for both of us, me and that Sam guy.

***Edited to say, Hey Millie I hope your weekend was terrific!!


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