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Hi Sam. Thank you for telling your story. I may have mentioned this before, but crows are my Thing. I have a tattoo of one, and I just love them to bits. They take my breath away. When I was thinking about doing a Ph.D. program, it was going to be crow-based, and for a while I got to help out with capturing and banding crows. I got to hold them in my hands! That was one of the most magical, unbelievable things I've ever had the fortune to do. And when I did bird research out in the field, I was working for the foremost crow researcher in the country. I love them.

Your story is heartbreaking. Of course you know there was nothing you could have done. That's the hardest part. And I think it would be a disservice (personally) to think they don't get sad. That's a pretty basic function of our brains, which to me speaks to its oldness in our evolution. I figure any animal with a brain can get sad. It's right there as basic as pain.

A few years ago I was on my way home from a gig, and I saw a crow in the middle of the street. We pulled over, and my husband walked over to it... it was alive, but broken. So I carried it on my lap, and we drove to a neighboring city, to a 24-hour veterinarian that had a connection with a wildlife rehab center. We left it there, and I was just so sad for it. I think it had been hit by a car. When I called the next day, they let us know that it had not made it. I imagine they'd had to euthanize it. At least it was no longer suffering.

Wow, sorry to add more sad. So often when I'm out and about and I see an animal living among our constructions and our trash and our general disregard, I get so sad about what they have to deal with because of us. The human guilt runs deep. I'm so sorry this happened, and that you were a witness. But I bet it changed you a little, so it's not for nothing. And it's early enough in the season, they'll likely nest again (oh, and when they do divebomb you, you may not have done anything wrong -- they do that a lot during the spring when they have a nest nearby).

Thank you for having a sensitive enough soul to take note, and to feel. I think that what we radiate out into the world mentally, emotionally, is real and gets absorbed. So maybe they feel just a little bit of relief from absorbing the sympathy you're generating.
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