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YES there is always hope, it is never to late. I was in active addiction from my 30s to later 40s. Iwas addicted to opiates and currently in recovery for the last 3 years. I am sorry your family doesnt understand your addiction, but also know that when I was in active addiction, I allienated my loved ones purposley, becayse I wasnt ready to hear what they had to say. Recovery saved my life, time and trust brought my loved ones back.

Are you currently on medicaid? If not it sounds like you should be. There are so many programs out there, that can help with recovery, finding a job and finding housing. No none of it is immediate, but you have to start somewhere. If you are looking for help with finding resources, you will have to say what state and county you are in. I am a social service worker, and know how to look for programs. Yes the system really can be slow, but can also help put lives back together, and remove barriers for that help.

You have been through so much, and I am sure I dont have to tell you, the guy is bad news....hanging with him, will only drag you down. You are not alone, there are so many others out there, that have similar stories. Its your life you are the only one that can live it. This is a start, reaching out for some support, keep coming back, at least you wont feel so isolated and alone.

Hope to hear from you again,

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