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I'm glad you told your doctor. I'm of the opinion that when on Sub, all your meds should go through that doctor, unless you have another serious medical condition, (heart, diabetes, cancer, etc) that requires a specialist. And even then your sub doctor (if they're a good one) should know about all your medication. Sub is a drug that not all doctors are knowledgeable about, so it's important to have your sub doctor (who hopefully IS knowledgeable) know about all medicines to help you be aware of any possible interactions.

3mgs a day is totally do-able. Just take 1 during the day, and two at night. If you need to break up the 1 during the day, then you can take it two times, just 1/2 mg at a time. Since you didn't have Xanax for a period of time (not sure how long you were out) you should be able to go back at a lower dose.

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