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Hi Frank,
Glad you and Mrs. are feeling better. Your area does sound like a nice place, hey, I have seen Bonanza on Nick at Night ! Now I have that song in my head ; )
Yes, Saint is correct MH/SA = Mental health substance abuse- though I try not use the words Abuse /Clean and others, when I can, as it denotes something negative, perpetuating the stigma.
Tim posted some great info regarding "The Words We use Matter" I do respect that we all have the right to choose our own words and in meetings do go with the flow, but prefer to say Addiction Survivor .
IMO- it would benefit everyone, family members included, if the medical, insurance . employment, and legal system could /would recognize and change the stigma associated alcohol/substance issues and offer quality options, policies, procedures, for support /help...
ok... off my soapbox now : )
Well, I am sure that is more than you wanted to know !

It is funny you said patience is not your virtue, many of us have that in common... " I want it , I want it NOW " !! But, with time and work, patience ( in some areas of our lives) can be learned and accepted.

I think you are doing great. Keep moving forward !!
Take care, Carly : )
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