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hi all I havn't been on in a while and have tried to respond to a few messages but couldn't find the right words. What sticks out here is why is it always about the alcoholic??? That's how they control us. It's never about our feelings or about what we need/want it's always about them. Don't we have the right to be happy? Only we can decide what our future will hold. No matter how hard letting go may be, we have to find the strength inside us to do it. Soldier, when it comes to your kids, just keep contact with them, even if it's just to say hi and that you love them. In time, as they get older, they will realize why you did what you did. It's hard on kids no matter what, they need time also to adjust to the changes that have been made in there lives. Your wife doesn't want the divorce because she knows she'll be cut off financially and that puts responsibility on her, something they don't like. Does she have a job? Sometimes, I wish I had a shut off valve, so I could shut off my feelings for my husband, but thats not going to happen. I do love him, but I also love myself and my children and don't want them to think that this is a normal life. It's hard no matter what, but only we can change our future.
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