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Good morning everyone. Bright blessings to you all.

My dearest, sweetest Lost Dog, my dearest Italiano Soapdish, my dearest Magical Millie and my dear, dear R Lee. Thank YOU......all.

I thought i would share where i am at at the moment as it might save my going completely bon kers right nmow!

It is 10am in my dear ole Blighty....and YET AGAIN.....thump...thump....thump upstairs. It is relentless....all day long, all night long. I have written to our landlords, no response. I am trying to keep my cool as i recognise things are difficult with a little one and whatnot, yet it shakes the lampshades, startles Rolo and at times sets him off barking.....i just can't put up with this 24/7 7 days a week. I am having to go out when i really do not want to, and struggle to to avoid losing my temper, and thus causing a scene. It does however feel just a matter of time.

Anyhew, the week has been difficult yet rewarding. All the hard work i did over the bank holdiay weekend gone with all those leaflets is paying dividendes. I have had a couple of meetings, and daily e mail exchanges aroundthe issue, and i have also, having talked on a 1-1 basis with the chap Scott, and the local Vicar bless him, we could all agree there was an issue of alcohol and drugs in the manor, (area) and there was no self help, AA/NA etc. I talked with them about setting up an alcohol and drug self help group which require a smidgen of courage...which after these chats i found.

So i wrote an e mail and "CCed" all the partners, both professional and voluntary that i have been involved with in the last year explaining i was an addict, that i recognised a need in the community for it to be addressed and pathways found suggesting a self help group, hit send, and that went to about 25 people.

Of course none of these folk have seen me under the influence, and many, not even smoking! So i wondered how their perception of me would change.

I sat back.....and waited.

The response was almost immediate, and as heart warming as it was staggering. The first few responses asked my permission if my e mail could be "passed around" basically. I think that is just what i wanted. I now have the local community Police who want to meet up with me to look at ways forward. Handled sensitively and well, this could be an enormous fillip in ways forwards with my little ideas.

I also had a really special exchange and encounter early yesterday morning.

It was cold, still, yet rather murky. The dawn just half way between the world being asleep, and awake. Our of this murk the first thing i saw was a tiny little dog. A really small thing and it's lead disappeared into the murk. As i followed up the lead came the tallest man i think i have ever seen. A HUGE man, with this tiny, tiny little dog, me with a rather Larger Rolo and i am tiny! What wonderful natural balance.

We stopped and nattered for a long while. The dogs getting on as famously as we were. With myself doing stuff in the community i take every opportunity to "sell people power" where i can!

We started talking community and he started to share his concerns. This guy was utterly massive...i just can't quite tell you quite how tall he was....he also just happened to be black.

So i think...."Awww no.....this poor fellow is going to share about his experience of racism"......he said......

"People can't stop......"

I interrupted him and said.....

"How ****ing tall you are!!?"

I quickly went on to share that we all have our "crosses to bare" and i accepted his cross would take a might longer to "knock up".

We laughed heartily, he lives not far from me and knows where i live. I have invited him in, "anytime" as he has done for me, for a cuppa and a natter as the last thing he said to me when we parted on our way was he could listen to me all day.

Still got that spark folks, still got that spark!

So that was rather lovely.

Health is not good, same old, same old, i have my re-assessment this coming Wednesday, and i am feeling as if i am coping, still moving forward, still learning,. still loving, still wanting, still happening....little ole me.

Always a very, very lucky man.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to all.
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